Freeiam's mission is
to bring the power back to the individual.

Take back my freedom

What's holding you back? - Our Story

Break free from the system. Disrupt societal norms. Live on your terms. Recreate reality. Find lasting mental freedom.

Honestly, our mission is hidden in plain sight: Free-I-Am.

Freeiam was founded in Vienna, Austria with a simple, yet radical driving question in mind:
What is holding us back?

For some of us, it’s past trauma. Others are stifled by societal expectations and pressure. Many experience mental blocks that limit our capacity. And far too many of us continue to feel the impact of boundaries enforced by our parents as children. The truth is, we internalize so many external and internal pressures designed to define and control our own pathways to success...and they have left us paralyzed.

Freeiam was designed to disrupt the obstacles in our paths preventing us from living a fulfilling, joyful, and successful life. We are committed to creating a culture that embraces self-actualization, questioning societal norms, and rebel against a system that was designed to regulate us in every way imaginable. From teaching life-skills that are often overlooked or shunned by our parents or schools such as confidence, independent thinking, dating, negotiations, and personal health – to frank discussions about social conditioning, governmental influence, and destroying the stigma surrounding mental health, Freeiam helps rebels, seekers of wonder, and social disrupters with a community of support and empowerment. Welcome to the rest of your life – and let’s join teams to eradicate everything that is holding us back and create a healthier future for the radical thinkers of tomorrow.

Based in Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹

We help people live a self-determined life by recreating their beliefs, thoughts, and reality.