It's how you turn
into Superhuman

A system to efficiently increase your intelligence, confidence & independence.

through Self-Mastery

We are taking control

Most of us let life happen to them. At Freeiam, we believe in taking active control over our lives.

Taking Control means to

  • Skyrocket your Inner Self-Confidence
  • Increase your Social Status
  • Stop worrying about what other People think
  • Reduce Fear and Anxiety to a Minimum
  • Increase Self-Awareness
  • Build your own Freedom Business & Lifestyle
  • Become Financially Free
  • See through the dirty Manipulations happening in Society
  • Experience the High of Life People try to get from Drugs
  • & so much more ...
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If life is a game, Freeiam helps you build the best character possible.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

3 daily steps to ensure positive changes in your life.

  • Step 1

    Add Knowledge

    You are not supposed to see this

    You are not supposed to see this

    Save & Discover notes that help you become a better human being

  • Step 2


    Recall them until they are part of your life & identity

    A valuable card to review

  • Step 3


    Start real-life challenges to take the learned into action

    A valuable challenge for your life

    Start now

An optimized process to turn your life around

Everything in Detail

Add Knowledge

Build a library of principles, values & life hacks
– anything to help you level up your character

  • Create Cards using our web & mobile app
  • Import highlights as Cards from other apps
  • Utilize life hacks from our premium content library
  • Quickly find anything using ultra-fast text search


Reshape your character through repetition

  • Quick daily training sessions
  • Skyrocket creativity via random occurrences
  • Never forget what you've learned


Take the learned into action

  • Complete daily challenges
  • Compete against your family & friends
  • Massively grow your confidence

Connect with people just like you

Share, learn, and connect with like-minded people
through Freeiam Campfires.

Campfires are where the community gets together.

We see life as a game – really!

Earn emblems as you rise the ranks in real life.

  • Rank Emblem: Sleeper
  • Rank Emblem: Seeker
  • Rank Emblem: Believer
  • Rank Emblem: Dreamer
  • Rank Emblem: Go-Getter
  • Rank Emblem: Transcendent
  • ISleeper
  • IISeeker
  • IIIBeliever
  • IVDreamer
  • VGo-Getter
  • VITranscendent

A part of something bigger

Freeiam trains people to eventually become Superhuman; intelligent, and emotionally strong beings who live a life of meaning, creativity, and free play.

Many Superhuman form a Superciety.

Discover Superciety

And all of that withPrivacy

We worship privacy no less than we worship freedom.
At any point in time, you can

  • Delete your data fully from our systems
  • Disable your account
  • Delete your account
  • Export your data

Do it for your Mental Wealth